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The Danish Guide and Scout Association is an organisation for children and young people based on the fundamental principles of guiding and scouting.

It is the aim of The Danish Guide and Scout Association to develop children and young people into attentative and self-reliant people who are willing to assume, to the best of their ability, human responsibility in the Danish society and in the world. This is obtained by creating an inspirational environment with possibilities  for development of the members. The association is open to everybody irrespective of sex, race and language, religious or political observation.

A short history

Scouting in Denmark was established in 1909 with Det Danske Spejderkorps for boy scouts. Guiding in Denmark started in 1910 when some girls joined a boy scout group. Within a few years the girls had their own organization, Det Danske Pigespejderkorps. 

These two associations merged in 1973 to form The Danish Guide and Scout Association (Det Danske Spejderkorps) which is open to both girls and boys. Coeducation is an important factor in the Danish educational system. 

Today there are more than 25.000 scouts and guides in The Danish Guide and Scout Association.

The Danish Guide and Scout Association is a member of WAGGGS and WOSM through the Joint Committee of Girl Guides in Denmark and the Danish Scout Council respectively. As a merged association we are part of the traditions of both world organizations and support both.

In the brochure pictured below you can read more about scouting in Denmark, and how the five Scout Associations in Denmark work together to ensure the best scouting experiences possible.

Find the brochure here.



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